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So many changes happen in our everyday lives. We take a break from all the chaos and confusion by sitting back and listening to some tunes. I have always been a huge advocate of taking care of you first. My music is inspired by so many things in life, just a simple blow of the wind can create a form of art. I believe the mission in life should be to calm ones self and learn to heal those around you. Build a community, so then you can all escape the chaos of the day and enjoy some tunes together. Peace and love .



Michael Mejiah is a new and upcoming artist. They were born in West Covina, CA and traveled to Michigan City, Indiana at the age of 14 after being adopted by their godmother. In high school they gravitated to the world of theatre where they soon found the joy of music. Michael studied Music Theatre at Indiana University for just a few years. They then left school and moved to Chicago, IL in 2008 to pursue a music career. Their music roots itself in the constant day to day struggles of not only their past but, present and future being. They use traditional folk rhythms mixed with a soulful touch from their vocals to create pieces that evoke powerful emotions and tender tones. Their music is not only for enjoyment, but to also create an experience through a journey of all things and struggles. Currently they reside in Chicago, IL and is on a constant mission to share their life experiences with a wide audience through their music.



Chicago, Illinois

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